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Important Announcement

Hey all, my apologies as I haven't been updating the site as often and have not been able to include new blogs as well...

And No, its not that I forgot or am being lazy (ok maybe a little... ;))... but its also because there is major work being done on revamping the website and we are going to introduce new tools and features that will not only help you and your readers enjoy more benefits but also result in more traffic to your website.. (neat? ya i know :) )

Stay tuned....

C ya around ..

Computer Matrix

Blog Name: Computer Matrix (view)

Category: Internet and Software, Science and Technology
Owner: Ankit

Description:This is a place where I share my tech notes.Here you'll find hand-picked, best of best technology and gadget news that appeals to the cool factor as well as the practicality of advancements or must-have computer hardware, software, and electronics., programming, tips, tricks, and solutions to common (and not so common) flaws/ problems, reviews, tweeks, updates, free downloads, how-to's in a friendly easy to understand format - tech talk for the non-tech savvy, PC optimization, tutorials for beginners.. phew !, and of course - my own experiences.. .really no stone unturned!

Blog URL:

Gossip Girl - unplugged!

Blog Name: Gossip Girl Unplugged!(view)

Category: Entertainment, movies and TV
Owner: Liz

Description: Welcome to Gossip Girl Unplugged - Your hottest ultimate 24/7 source that offers you daily dose of everything you need about Gossip Girl. Including daily news, recent videos/audios, photos plus keeping you updated with all the happenings. Enjoy your stay and do browse around, if you have any question about this site, do not hesitate to contact us

Blog URL:



Blog Name: Crowsciousness (view)

Category: Art & culture
Owner: Crowscious

Description:Nervous medical student, soon to be intern, struggling through the little things and trying to think these things out.

Blog URL:


Surreal Nirvana

Blog Name: Surreal Nirvana (view)

Category: Personal
Owner: Manish Ahuja

Description: A blog where I recommend books, movies, music albums, websites, TV Series etc. to all my readers.

Blog URL:

Endless Randomness

Blog Name: Endless Randomness (view)
Category: Personal
Owner: Endless Randomness

Description:This blog is a series of witty quips on my otherwise mundane existence! I\'m a 20-something marketing professional trying to survive this crazy city called Mumbai. Feel free to look around :)

Blog URL:

Quirky Alone...And Happy!

Blog Name: Quirky Alone...And Happy! (view)

Category: Personal
Owner: Mayurakshi

Description:Random scribblings of a quirky and rather confused medical student who\'s passionate about medicine, books, traveling...and life in general.

Blog URL:


(not so) Secret Life of Plain Jane

Blog Name: (not so) Secret Life of Plain Jane (view)
Category: Personal

Description: And the exploitation begins... What do you do when you lead a double/secret life?
Broadcast it all over the internet!

Blog URL:



Blog Name: FukatGyaan (view)
Category: Personal
Owner: Harshad

Description: I am an MBA grad from Welingkar Institute of Management ( now WE School). My blog on MBA, cricket, sports, mumbai, India, disabled and all the topics concerned to my readers

Blog URL:


I heart Decor

Blog Name: I heart Decor (view)
Category: Lifestyle
Owner: Juana

Description: Learn about home decorating, get tips for projects, find directions for how-tos, and advice covering the latest trends in home design,furniture, window treatments Green design, color, home decor and healthy home living, as well as, tips on Budget Decorating and more...

Blog URL: