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Submitting Your Blog

Please use the following guidelines when submitting your blog to Blogging Indians:

  • Only blogs written by Indians are going to be considered for entry in this blog. We will be checking, so please don't even try. If we can't verify that the blog was authored by an Indian it will be rejected (sorry).
  • All blogs submitted must have at least ten [10] entries posted and be twenty[20] days old to be considered.
  • No blogs that promote hate, pornography, illegal activities, gambling, violence or warez will be considered. We reserve the right to reject any blog.
  • Blogs written in languages other than English can also be submitted for inclusion in this directory. Just make sure you abide by rules.
  • You are allowed to select only one [1] category to add your blog.
  • You can submit as many blogs as you want, as long as they abide by the rules (if you publish five blogs, then submit all five).
  • Please make sure to keep your blogs updated as we will remove those blogs that fall dormant for more than 60 days.
  • Linking back to Blogging Indians is required. We will be having a monthly contest to get your blog listed in the "Featured" section of this blog and one of the requirements is to have a Blogging Indians link on your homepage or links page. Visit the Link to Blogging Indians page to select a link.
  • Each blog submitted will be manually reviewed by us and if approved will be submitted into the category of your choice. Being that Blogging Indians is new, you may suggest a category. You will receive an e-mail letting you know if your blog has been accepted [or not].

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